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Sterlin Lujan [cv] is the Communications Ambassador for He is responsible for representing the company. He speaks on behalf of regarding viewpoints on various topics, including forks, segwit coin, and other technical matters. He also presents information at bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and fintech conferences. Sterlin is a professional speaker and possesses a Competent Communicator certificate from the International Toastmaster's organization.

He has been deeply immersed in the crypto ecosystem since 2013, but did not get serious until 2015. Sterlin has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas A&M University, and is an outspoken proponent of voluntaryist anarchism . Sterlin has spoken at several bitcoin and blockchain conferences, including Anarchapulco, Nexus Earth, Steemfest, Texas Bitcoin Conference, and others. He has also mentored businesses and individuals on bitcoin via his consultation business called The Cryptocurrency Confidant.

His talks usually revolve around the connection of psychology and cryptocurrency, anti-government crypto systems, the cypherpunk movement, and the future of bitcoin.


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